The Woodlands North Homeowners Association
Northville, Michigan

Frequently Asked Quesitons

Please look here if you have a question. If you don’t see your question please use the contact form.

Where can I find the HOA legal documents?

The legal documents for the HOA are available for download below (pdf reader required):

All homeowners are also bound by Northville Township ordinances which can be found here

What is a homeowner’s association and what is its purpose?

Homeowner’s associations are non-profit corporations that exist to help preserve property values through architectural controls, design guidelines and deed restrictions. Additionally, associations provide for the maintenance of common areas and community facilities.

Who is on the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors are made up of residents from within the subdivision. An election of these members occurs once a year at the annual meeting held in May. Announcements and nomination forms are sent to all residents prior to the annual meeting.

How do I contact my Board of Directors?

Please use the contact form, or send mail to:

Woodlands North Homeowners Association
PO Box 202
Northville, MI 48167

For immediate response, please call the President or Vice President. See directory for phone numbers.

What are deed restrictions and do I have to abide by them?

Deed restrictions, also called “protective covenants,” are rules that govern the association and its members. The deed restrictions and architectural controls set forth in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and Design Guidelines ensure the preservation of the original architectural design.

You received a copy of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for the Woodlands from the title company when you closed on your home. To receive an additional copy, please contact the Board of Directors

Can my dues be increased?

Yes, dues may be increased for the preceding year’s assessments by the board of directors. Any increase more than 25 percent must be approved by 60% of the Members.

What do my dues pay for?

The following is a list of association expenses:

  • Landscaping of the common areas including: seasonal flowers, mowing, edging, fertilizing, pruning, irrigation maintenance and repairs
  • Snow plowing and road salting
  • Common area lighting and electricity
  • Directors’ and officers’ insurance
  • Liability insurance (liability insurance for common areas)
  • Annual audits and any tax preparation
  • Administrative costs such as postage, copies, envelopes, etc.
  • Any seasonal decorations
  • Newsletters / Website

When does the association hold meetings?

Monthly meetings are generally held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Northville Township Hall, located at the corner of 6 Mile and Sheldon Road, at 7:30.

Board meetings now include a Zoom option in addition to in person attendance. Please contact a board member to attend remotely.

The association’s bylaws require that annual meetings be held at a date set by the Board of Directors.

What is the architectural control committee (ACC)?

The Architectural Control Committee reviews applications for exterior improvements to the home or lot. The ACC is established and defined in the Declaration of Covenants for the association. The spirit behind the ACC is to uphold the aesthetic quality of the neighborhood and to protect the value of your home by maintaining the standards set forth in the Declaration.

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Guidelines can be found here.

How do I get changes to the exterior of my home or lot approved by the Architectural Control Committee?

There is a form that must be completed and submitted to the ACC. Once the form is approved in writing by the ACC, you may start your project. For the form and detailed instructions, click here.

Who should we contact when we see something in the subdivision requiring maintenance (park equipment, landscaping, sprinklers, signs etc.)?

Please use this form to send a message to the head of the Maintenance Committee or contact any board member. Phone numbers can be found in the association directory.

Who is responsible for the sidewalks in front of my house?

The homeowner is responsible and liable for upkeep and maintenance of the sidewalks directly between their lot and the street, including the corner section on a corner lot. Some helpful information below:

  • Curbs are the responsibility of Wayne County
  • Driveway and sidewalk repair/replacement does not require a township permit or HOA approval
  • Repair options include grinding, replacement, leveling, and sealing cracks

Several contractors have done work for residents in the past. Please note these are simply suggested contacts, the board is in no way endorsing these vendors or limiting your choice in selection

  • Greco Construction – Carlo 313-278-8950
  • D & G Cement Co. – John 313-587-0200
  • RML Decorative Concrete – 586-781-6777
  • FDR Cement Co. – Frank 313-388-9899
  • Pappas Companies Inc.  – George 810-217-7901

How do I get other Township Information?

Police Department
41600 Six Mile Rd.
Northville, Mi. 48167
(248) 349-9400 (Non Emergency)
For Emergencies Call 911

Fire Department
Station Headquarters
45745 6 Mile Rd
Northville, Mi. 48168
(248) 348-5807

Northville Township
Northville Township
44405 Six Mile Rd.
Northville, MI. 48168
(248) 348-5800

Where is the Holiday Lighting Map?

The Holiday Lighting map is here.