HOA Dues Payment


The Woodlands North now accepts online payments! You can pay your HOA dues online via credit/debit card or bitcoin. It’s that easy! No more hassle and no more late payments. Should you decide to pay with a credit card, please understand that there are processing fees charged in addition to the amount you are paying.


Why should I pay online?

Ability to make payment with a credit card and earn more rewards including mileage points and cash back incentives.
Flexibility of choosing the day of debit payment allows for better money management.


How do online payments work?

You can make payments to The Woodlands North with a credit/debit card or bitcoin. The Woodlands North is also notified of your payment date and time. Business days include Monday-Friday excluding holidays. It is important to remember these processing times when making a payment on time.


HOA Dues

HOA Annual Dues